Destiny Transformers Initiative (DTI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) founded to reach out to boys and young men by ways of mentoring them to become better for the society and to themselves. DTI exist to develop capacities of boys between the ages of 10 – 20 years to meet their own needs through self-reliant local actions.

Our Vision…

Transforming boys from a young age into positive thinkingintelligentwell cultured and mannered men.

  • To encourage the harnessing of vocational, leadership and management skills in children.
  • To promote and groom the vocational, leadership and management skills innate in children.
  • To create the enabling environment whereby such skills can be harnessed, groomed and promoted with the requisite tools.
  • To inspire entrepreneurial skills in the youths towards self-sustenance.
  • To provide training and workshops with practical guides for youth and women towards self-sufficiency.
  • To partner with government agencies, existing NGOs, international foundations, interest groups, private sector, unions and organizations in Nigeria.

The Boy Child Summary

It is ONLY NEWS when a girl child is raped, neglected, abused or abandoned; but it is NO NEWS when a boy child is sodomized, abused, neglected or abandoned. There have been increased cases of sexual harassment, abuse, neglect, and abandonment of the boy child; many of which end up unreported due to ignorance. This situation has made the boy child lug behind; as people believe that it’s only the girl child who is vulnerable and needs attention, care and support.

This has therefore led the vulnerable, orphaned, uneducated, poor, homeless, needy, neglected, abandoned and frustrated boy child to roam the streets, others to outlawed and dangerous sects while others have taken to criminal activities, drug and substance abuse, violence and political thuggery.

There has been great neglect of the boy child generally as their welfare is ignored by many. Many people and organizations have come in to promote the welfare of girl child; leaving the boy child behind. This has therefore left many of them stranded and ignorant on their rights, wellbeing, welfare and social justice.

There is need therefore to develop a boy child initiative to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Educate and Empower Street boys, drug/ substance addicts, those in criminal activities and outlawed sects, the abandoned and the neglected boy child; and also enlightens the community on the rights of the boy child.

This Initiative for the Boy Child will work to address the needs of such vulnerable boys who are being raised by street-based single parents or who are street-based and are involved in picking through trash and other forms of child labor, or have suffered neglect and abuse; by providing Early Childhood Development education and second chance primary education after these children has been removed from the hazardous conditions. This is achieved through various family empowerment and child-centered initiatives that promote self-reliance through activities such as community sensitization, counseling, mentorship, hygiene and rehabilitation programs as well as the provision of supplementary feeding and helping children to obtain access to basic primary education to promote.

In this regard establishing a Boy Child Initiative as a forefront Organisation that will fight for the welfare and social inclusion and justice of every boy child as well to enlighten the community on the need to give equal opportunities to all the children irrespective of their sex is expedient and necessary especially for such a time as this with a clear objective of guiding troubled young boys to retrace their steps, the focus will be to develop relevant programmes that help to re-integrate young offenders and juvenile into the system.

As part of our mandate when we see young boys that get high on tramadol and other substances and do bad things with consequences, we will make effort to reach out to them with a change mentality and enroll them in a three-month basic programme; get a therapist to come speak with them as well as counselors to guide them. We also try to keep them in school with the Keep A Boy In School (KABIS) Project, get them back into school if they have dropped out and wish to get an education, attach them to a career to mentor them and introduce them to our entrepreneurship programme, the Boypreneur Challenge.

We want boys to become heroes and while we have a lot of organizations and foundations working for the girl child and raising fantastic girls and women, nobody is guiding these boys and we are raising bad boys. There is no balance; we are doing so much for the girl child and one way or the other, their paths would cross and that poorly trained boy would introduce the well-trained girl to tramadol, prostitution, trafficking, and rape. However, if the boy was well trained, he would know he doesn’t need to indulge in all these negative vices.

As a leading Organisation dealing with emerging issues around the boy child, we will empower, motivate, and inspire young men, by providing leadership training, educational programs, and positive personal and professional development. Our goal is to unleash the potential of young men while offering the resources they will need to succeed. We are excited to engage with community partners. The success of the program depends on the generous donations and continuing support from our community.